What is Your Yoga?

Many yogis practice Hatha yoga; the ancient art and science of movement and putting the body into shapes we call asana.  Did you know that various types of yoga exist beyond the postures? Raja yoga, the “royal” path, refers, chiefly, to the meditation practice.  Jnana is the yoga of knowledge through study of scripture and therefore a deeper understanding of one’s own true nature. Bhakti yoga is the chanting or repetition of the Divine names of the Gods. Karma yoga is the path of action, applying selfless service to the world.

Akin to the different types of learning styles such as visual, auditory, and kinesthetic, the many paths of yoga exist for the yogini to find their niche.  Moreover, different points of the yogic journey may warrant a shift in one’s practice from asana to raja,  jnana, bhakti, or karma.  Regardless, each process has one goal in mind: the reduce the mind fluctuations and move toward complete absorption with the divine.  From this juncture, we see no difference between the Divine and ourselves and therefore see the Divine within all living beings.

Exploring the depths and options of one’s practice will ultimately refine any yoga path one decides to practice, making one’s experience an amalgam of ALL the beautiful yoga teachings.  So investigate the fullness of our system of yoga to keep you inspired, educated, and balanced for the greater good of all living beings!

Date: June 17, 2017 4:21 pm

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