Addeline Hoffman

Addeline initiated her 200hr teacher training with Christian Valeriani in 2020 with the aim to deepen her personal practice and manage her anxiety. Little did she know when she started that this journey would lead her to step out of her comfort zone and embrace the joy of sharing her wisdom and serving her community. From a young age, she always felt a constant small and quiet voice inside speaking hard truths, knowing at her core that broken circumstances did not equate to being broken. Her seeking of self-acceptance and authenticity attracted her to the spiritual practices of yoga – without dogma and rooted in principle. She often challenged her perceptions and later learned of her insight’s alignment to the teachings of the eight limbed path. “Teaching yoga has become a means of connecting deeper to the surrounding world, and ultimately, with my deepest self – unshrouded by the expectations of others. Becoming a yoga teacher has shown me that being in the ‘EvenFlow’ of the universe is to open up to and embrace the feeling of fear as a friend and move into its possibilities, to step into my power and perform my dharma as it unfolds in this journey of life.” Addeline seeks to be a vessel of something bigger than herself, to act as a guide for her community to find their own peace in their journey towards wholeness and healing, helping others to see that we are all so much more capable than we give ourselves credit for.

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