Be Here Now

At times, life pulls us away from center and our brilliance can be forgotten as we swim the hectic waters of everyday activities. Think about the day you were born. The world, your family, the doctors and nurses, were in awe of your presence! What a beautiful moment! Have you ever been in awe of yourself? Have to ever been a witness to the miracle of life and are reminded that you are the same miracle?

Yoga is not your “spiritual” practice, as that label implies everything prior to yoga was NOT your spiritual practice. Since day one you have been on your path. Everything you’ve done up to now has been spiritual. Now, it’s time to stay connected to your brilliance through yoga.

Yoga teaches us that our only responsibility is carrying out actions and relationships that contribute to inner peace. Our most natural space is inner peace and once we reconnect to our nature, magnetically the universe provides relationships that are a peaceful extension. Only then the ego shrinks and humility prevails. Be a humble servant of love and grace because you CAN…that is the yoga you’ve practiced since your first breath!


Date: May 25, 2017 11:38 pm

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