Rumy Chandra

Yoga weaved its way into Rumy’s life long before she realized it. Growing up in Africa, India and the United States, the unique culture of each place set a natural foundation for her to experience the many facets of yoga.  Life in Africa exemplified universal oneness between land and the living, while India’s culture rich with spirituality, yoga and meditation nurtured her seeking spirit. However, it wasn’t until she took her first asana class in NJ in 2009 that she felt an alluring connection with the practice.

Rumy is deeply inspired by Eastern and Buddhist philosophies. An architect with a keen eye for design and attention to detail, mindfulness is not just a visible ingredient in what she does but also a principle she strives to live by. As a mom to two teenagers and a caregiver to many, she understands the value of staying present to life as it unfolds in all its ordinary moments.

Her avid interest in anatomy, embodied awareness and precision in alignment led her to EvenFlow Yoga where she was grateful to study with Christian Valeriani. She completed her 200 hour teacher training in 2020 and continues to further her learning through self study and practice.

For Rumy, yoga is a revered practice that taught her to soften her dialogue with life. Through her classes, she aims to inspire students to connect with the intuitive intelligence of their body and the meditative stillness of their mind.  Her teaching style is a light hearted blend of strength, self inquiry and wisdom.

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