Emily Schmidt

Emily first discovered yoga ten years ago and began to use the physical practice as a workout and a coping mechanism for chronic pain.  What began as exercise transformed into a way of life as she found herself returning to the practice again and again. She started to use her practice as an anchor and a form of expression.  From a career in molecular biology research to one as a high school science teacher, Emily has always maintained a profound interest in the science of yoga and meditation along with their relationship with body, mind, and soul.  Eager to share this practice with others, Emily completed her 200-hour teacher training with Christian Valeriani at EvenFlow Yoga. She continues to expand her knowledge, receiving training in Yoga Nidra as well.  Emily is dedicated to the experience of her students and believes in designing intention-based sequences that align with the idea of universal connectedness.  Her strong, yet relaxed style and the clarity of her teachings allow Emily to hold the space for each one of her students.  In this environment, students are taught to understand the unique language of their bodies and souls, and to honor these messages.  Emily hopes to communicate that honoring the self is the most important thing we can do, because “everybody lives downstream”.

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