Bridget Riepl

Bridget fell head over heels for yoga when she took her first Ashtanga class in 2005. Her dream of teaching the physical practice began almost right from the start, but finding her way to teaching and living the eight limbs of yoga as one unified practice required transition and transformation. Bridget spent years opening her body and mind to the many possibilities of Yoga, studying with teachers from different lineages such as Dharma, Hatha, Baptiste, Ashtanga, and Jivamukti. Bridget sees her yoga practice as an essential part of her life. Her aim is a seamless vinyasa flow with room for personal exploration. She begins every class with a return to basic breathing and moving meditation, before working up and into a rigorous flow focused on alignment and breath. Bridget continues to be inspired by her teachers—both at Evenflow and beyond—by her students and by her children, Patrick and Sadie. She believes strongly in the value of remaining a student and rolls out her mat in Long Branch and Red Bank whenever she can. From here, Bridget’s intention is to deepen her awareness of and connection to all living beings. She hopes to travel, reflect, contemplate, articulate, communicate, and get her asana on.

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