Emily Sobel

Emily was a weekend warrior who has been practicing yoga on and off for over 13 years.

After having her kids she needed something to relieve stress. She was ready to dive deeper into her practice. She was surprised to learn that yoga is not just for the body as a form of exercise but an aid in calming the mind. Using the body and breath to bring stillness to the mind is the ultimate goal to achieving true joy. With a background in art and music, Emily’s approach to teaching yoga is always creative and spiritually fulfilling. Her goal is to share the positive effects yoga has had on her. Yoga has taught her how to love herself. It has shed light into the deep healings that are capable once the mind is still. She takes great joy in sharing the knowledge that we are all one we are all connected. The focus on alignment is also weaved lovingly into her classes. She is always the student as well as the teacher. She is currently an RYT 200 and is taking trainings to enhance and deepen her teachings and practice.

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